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North American Motorcycle Events

3 Million Motorcyclists Featuring North America’s Top Military Events

A 26 Episode Television Series

Made for a North American and Worldwide Television Audience

Rolling Thunder North American Motorcycle Rallies


Iceman Productions™ is producing an exciting 26 episode television series built in English and Spanish Languages. The series, working titled Rolling Thunder North American Motorcycle Rallies is syndicated to North America’s top 100 DMA’s through a comprehensive network of regional cable sports channels which include; AMG TV, Comcast, Univision (Spanish), America One Networks, Untamed Sports, Dish and Direct TV to name a few.

Each episode is meticulously produced and expertly photographed in stunning high definition. The series profiles the highlights associated with the largest motorcycle events in North America. The series is focused towards the everyday motorcycle enthusiast, veterans and their supporters. Each episode features a detailed look at the Armed Forces’ role and lifestyle associated with the largest motorcycle events in North America. Our hosts provide a detailed and comprehensive look at the rallies and the philanthropic causes that draw more than 3 million motorcyclists annually.

The series is being produced as a prime time ‘Magazine Style’ television series with syndicated broadcast throughout North America and select Caribbean and European countries. Iceman Productions™ is a full service production company specializing in television production, episode assembly, packaging and syndicated broadcast of ‘Network Ready to Air’ programming. We supply networks with regularly scheduled weekly television content. The series is produced in accordance with the international broadcast guidelines associated with ESPN with production partners showcased throughout the ‘content’ of each episode produced. 

Corporately sponsored blue chip partners represent the content backbone to the television series. Specially produced segments showcase the veterans’ heart felt “Stories of Valor”. Other segments complement motorcycle education, parts and performance, bike repair and rider safety elements all appealing to a wide reach consumer audience. Our hosts provide a detailed look at what draws more than 3 million riders annually to the festive gatherings in an easy to follow storyboard. 

Each of the unique film shoot locations serves as a vehicle to showcase the veterans and their philanthropic cause. All programming is slated for broadcast the 2nd quarter of 2013 onwards, with coverage of the 2012 rallies in the final stages of episode construction.  New content sponsors can be accommodated and included within the 2013 syndicated broadcast of the series. The following rallies are being covered.

  • Rolling Thunder, Washington D.C, - May - Memorial Day Weekend
  • Heroes Highway Ride, Canadian Forces Base Trenton – Ontario, Canada - June
  • Laconia Bike Week, Laconia, New Hampshire - June
  • Sturgis Bike Rally, Sturgis, South Dakota – August
  • Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach, Florida – October
  • Laughlin Veterans Day, NV – Memorial Rally – November -Veterans Day

Integration of each blue chip corporate campaign is incorporated into the post production and episode construction process. Content partners are showcased within the raw footage collection associated with event coverage and the ‘in-studio’ production build. Each episode of this exciting motorcycle television series begins with a montage of highlight footage filmed from each event location across the continent. Charitable proceeds benefit TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). 

Roger J. Piggott, a 35 year motorcycle enthusiast, and extreme snowboarder along with Rockie Lynne (Country Music Artist) and Geoff Bodine (NASCAR) hosts the television series. They provide the viewers with a colorful and detailed look at each event with informative interviews and segment highlights designed for the armchair viewer. 

Roger J. Piggott

Rockie Lynne

Geoff Bodine

Following the first commercial break, our hosts introduce the viewer to the featured event highlights intermixed with high impact partner content segments. The entire series is built within the framework of a ‘Magazine Style’ easy-to-follow production format, proven to hold the armchair viewer, while providing a ‘Reality TV’ flavor behind the scenes with the hosts.

After another commercial break, we feature event highlights and point-of-interest content stories on; bike repair, performance and rider safety elements associated with cruisers, metrics, and sport bikes. Each episode contains a close up look at the heartfelt “Stories of Valor” from members of the Armed Forces and the philanthropic causes tied to each event. Content partners are showcased in specially produced segments promoting their goods, services and/or products. 

After a final commercial break, we bring the viewer back to the Hosts for a final wrap that includes a ‘Sneak Peak’ look at the next week’s profiled episode. Programming represents 26 weeks on national television contracted by network partners providing ‘Unlimited’ broadcast in a combined $3+ million dollar traditional advertising campaign. The credit roll follows with the opening theme and inset montage of the content sponsors’ logos. 

Here is a brief profile of some of the sponsored content segments that will be featured within the series.

  • The Top Motorcycle Events in North America and Rally Highlights
  • Armed Forces Veterans’ Stories of Valor & Philanthropic causes
  • Custom Bikes, Safety & Bike Repair, Adventure Tours, Parts & Accessories

Production sponsors are featured as the Base Advertisers throughout the series and are incorporated into the post production and episode construction process. Production sponsors represent the ‘backbone’ to the production budget. Pre-promotional commercial spots are supplied by Iceman and are utilized by network partners to promote the broadcast dates and times. Iceman Productions™ maintains 100% creative control in all areas of production along with the syndicated broadcast. 

Content & Production Sponsorship

Iceman Productions™ is a full-service Television Production, Promotion and Syndicated Broadcast Company founded in 1984 with in-house capabilities that include; filming, creative services, editing & final production output and syndication services. All programming is built in stunning HD. To better service contracted network and production partners fulfilling their need and budget for “Ready to Air” programming. Our roster includes high viewership television programming proven to appeal to the armchair viewers. All programming is fully serviced. 

Iceman Productions™ has 25 years of hands-on experience with a proven track record with syndicated broadcast, supplying network partners with ‘Ready to Air’ programming. At present more than 550 episodes are in worldwide circulation. The firm is currently recognized as the number 1 supplier globally with International Long Drive Golf related programming as been seen in 46 countries worldwide. 

Rolling Thunder promises to be a weekly ‘Must See’ television program designed for the armchair viewer and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Iceman Productions™ currently supplies network partners regularly scheduled programming. In addition to Rolling Thunder our firm is known for; Offshore Powerboat Racing, International Golf and Celebrity Concerts related programming. 

A professional multi-camera crew is headed up by renowned cinematographer David Baird who orchestrates the film capture process amongst the experienced Iceman™ ground crew. All episodes incorporate integration of the blue chip content sponsors message within the post production process. All stand ups, voice over narration, product/service highlights, special effects, sponsor identification, network branding and creative elements including theme music and Spanish translation are all produced in house in a state-of-the-art production facility. 

America’s Top Motorcycle Events attract more than 3 million Motorcyclists per year


North American Motorcycle Events

3 Million Motorcyclists Featuring North America’s Top Military Events

Television Production & Syndicated Broadcast

Iceman Productions™ is exclusive to the Rolling Thunder production process. The series is aired as regularly scheduled television programming syndicated to the top 100 DMA’s and cable providers throughout North America.

The Series Represents The Armed Forces and their Philanthropic Cause

Ready-to-Air English & Spanish Regularly Scheduled Television Programming
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